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We first came across this product when a family member was receiving chemotherapy treatment, they suffered from hair loss and also after a number of intensive rounds of chemotherapy their skin was very dry.

As the hair began to grow, it was very fine and because of the dry skin was causing a lot of discomfort. We bought Kanta Krupa oil for them to use and within a few weeks the hair began to look thicker and skin began to feel softer.

It absorbed quickly into the skin with no greasy feeling and left the skin smooth all day. One of the reasons we chose to stock this product was because of personal experience.

Since introducing the product in the salon, customers have given us great feedback on the Kanta Krupa hair oils treatment which we provide and the bottles are flying off the shelf.

We love the product at Cerenity Hair & Beauty Ltd.


I've been looking for an oil to improve the condition of my hair but was mostly buying oils for use on the ends of my hair. They worked OK but Kanta Krupa oil was a good find as its an oil that claims to promote hair growth.

The oil is applied to the scalp and then worked through to the ends of the hair, you can feel it working instantly. For my first try I left it on overnight and washed my hair the next day, followed by usual hair drying and straighteners. My hair felt and looked better. What I like about this oil is that it sinks into the hair instead of coating the shaft. Hair feels stronger, more resistant to heat, soft, shiny, and after just two weeks my hair has visibly improved in condition. I also have less breakage when blow drying.

I cannot recommend this product enough. This should be one of the best selling hair oils out there. I've tried almost every hair oil there is and while they were OK there was just something missing. This works instantly and it makes sense, a hair oil for the scalp!

Try it if you have scalp or hair thinning problems.