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Kanta Krupa Oils are proud to support the work of Moorfields Eye Hospital. Moorfields Eye Hospital is the UK's largest and the world's oldest specialist ophthalmic centre. They see over 250,000 patients each year. Moorfields was founded in 1804. They are the oldest and one of the largest centres for ophthalmic treatment, teaching and research in the world. In fact, more patients in the UK go to Moorfields than to any other eye hospital or clinic because of its world-famous reputation.

This is where Gita, founder of Kanta Krupa Oils, went for groundbreaking surgery to help relieve the symptoms of Grave's Disease (Thyroid Eye Disorder), which Gita had been suffering from for several years. Months after her surgery Gita's symptoms improved and she was able to lead a normal life again.

The help Gita received from Moorfields has prompted her to give back to the organisation that helped her journey to recovery, she donates 25p from every bottle of Kanta Krupa Natural Hair Therapy Oil sold to the Moorfields Eye Hospital. www.friendsofmoorfields.org.uk