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About Kanta Krupa Oils 

Gita Jobanputra, Owner Kanta Krupa Oils

When former Harley Street Practitioner and gifted therapist Gita Jobanputra was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism that caused distressing side effects such as a change in hair texture as well as hair loss, she knew she had to take action. So, drawing inspiration from an ancient family recipe passed down from her Mother Kanta Krupa, her 22 years experience and specialist knowledge of traditional complementary therapies, she took a holistic approach and created a blend of pure oils that would promote hair growth as well as restore damaged, lacklustre strands and Natural Hair Therapy was born.

Michael Oakes, Business Manager Kanta Krupa Oils

Mike spent nearly 30 years working for one of the "big four" Supermarket chains working in all areas of their business from Convenience to Hypermarket, from Store to Head Office. Mike brings his vast retail experience to Kanta Krupa Oils as Business Manager to help them reach a wider audience through new branding and increasing awareness of their fantastic products.